Si je languis...





Si je languis...

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Texts and Translations:


Ostinato vo seguire


Steadfastly I shall pursue my noble enterprise.

Love hurts me as much as you do

So I might as well die.

Steadfastly I shall pursue my noble enterprise


O Heaven, O Fortune,

For neither pleasure nor pain

Will strengthen or weaken my resolve,

For I cannot have more of one,

Neither can I escape the other.

Steadfastly I shall pursue my noble enterprise


Whether I win or lose

I do not hope from my enterprise

Other than honour.

If I win, I shall ascend to heaven blessed,

If I lose, great courage will have shown a great heart.

Steadfastly I shall pursue my noble enterprise




O mia cieca e dura sorte


O my blind and cruel Fate,

Ever nourished by my grief;

O wretchedness that is my life,

Sad presage of my death.


I suffer more and am more wretched

Than any living creature upon this earth.

I am the tree the wind casts down

Because it has no roots.

Truly as the saying goes,

It goes ill for him upon whom Fortune frowns

O my blind and cruel Fate.


Take heed all you who read

These words upon my gloomy tomb,

For I have left the world

And died for love.

For me there was no pity,

Mercy closed her doors to me.

O my blind and cruel Fate.


Scopri lingua


Reveal, O tongue, the blind ardour,

Speak now, do not be mute any longer:

Since the flame has grown so much

That already my heart is almost in ashes.


The serene gentle look

That once I discerned in her beautiful face,

Makes me freeze and burn in the fire,

And causes my heart to be separated from me.

And thus, with little warning,

I struggle and dare not speak

Of the bitter ardour which night and day I carry hidden

In my sad heart…

Reveal O tongue…..


It is true that she shows that she loves me,

But I know well that she feigns all the time,

Yet it pleases her to deceive me,

And the flame grows all the time,

If it pleases her that I should die,

Death is not unpleasant to me,

For death would be peace to me

And a refuge for my sad heart,


Reveal, O tongue……

Lirum bililirum lirum lirum


Lirum bililirum lirum lirum
Alas, so sounding the soft strings.

You get me okay, little flinty heart,
But not, you should know, because of duty.

So now six years you've led me on
And I've been your constant suitor.
But I've waited for you, I know too well,
Till finally I burst for love.
Alas, don't pain me so any longer;
You know I'm telling the truth.

You remember when you awakened in me
Your trust so cheeringly,
And how by the Evangel you swore to me
That you wanted me for your suitor.
My letter at once answered you
With a sigh.



Mille regretz


A thousand regrets at leaving you

And prolonging your amorous vexation.

So great is my sorrow and pain

That my days will not be long.



Mon bien m'amour


You have destroyed my clam,

Six times you have deeply offended me.


Therefore I call upon you, my princess,

To cease: I will always be yours.

My good one, my love and my mistress,

Is this what you promised me?


It is ten years since your nobility

Struck my heart and surprised me;

It took me too strongly, I think:

See to it that I may have joy.


Repeat Verse 1


Vo regard et douce maniere


Your gaze and sweet bearing

Keep me in such harsh exile,

That soon I shall die of grief

If you do not hear my prayer.


It would have been better for me to have been

Lying in my coffin when first I spied you.

Your gaze and sweet bearing

Keep me in such harsh exile.


For the more that I do see the beautiful face

That Nature has endowed you with,

The more sorrowful and unhappy I am

Since you have altogether spurned me.


Repeat Verse 1


Ces Facheux Sotz

These idiots who speak badly of love,

And who know nothing of it!

I sincerely swear that they are wrong

To speak of it in such a way.


Life is so bitter

Little joys bring much pleasure

So to give pleasure for one moment

Can make us forget all sadness.


Tant que vivray


As long as I live in my prime,

I shall serve the mighty God of Love

In deeds, in words, in songs, in melodies.


This mighty king made me languish awhile,

But afterwards made me rejoice,

Since now I have the love of the sweet bodied beauty.


In her friendship is my trust,

Her heart is mine, mine hers.

Away with sadness,

Long live gladness,

Since there are so many good things in love.


Secoures moy


Rescue me, Madam, by love, or else my heart will die.

Other than you cannot give aid to my tired heart, which will die.

Alas, come quickly to rescue the one who lives for you in great sadness.

For of his heart you are the mistress.


If by loving and suffering night and day, the friend deserves that which he comes to ask,

Tell me why you make me wait so long for that which I wish so much to cherish.

O noble flower, will you let your servant perish through lack of joy?

I believe that in you there is no such trace of roughness.


Your hard-heartedness upsets me: in this regard I came to seek you

But a warm welcome fooled me, letting me conquer with numerous kisses.

Alas, you kisses scarcely cure me, but increase the ardent fire that burns in me,

Pleasure is my only medicine.



Se l’aura spira


If the breeze blows gently,

The fresh rose is full of joy;

The shaded hedge with its emerald hues

Fears no more the heat of summer.


Come, join the graceful dance,

Charming nymphs, flowers of beauty,

Now that the clear and crystal stream

Flows from the hill-top down to the sea.


Your sweet songs awaken the bird,

And bring the bushes into blossom,

A fair face close to the shade


Lends glory to feeling,

With your songs, happy nymphs,

Chase away the cruel winds.


Dunque dovro


I should therefore relate the torments and the sorrows

Of my pure but cruel servitude:

O betrayed hopes, O vain desires

Contained in my soul invaded with pain,

I accuse but you and you alone, Love,

Of having, like a tyrant, stolen from me my only belongings.

I accuse but you who have played with me,

Who inflamed my heart with a cruel ardour.




Enfin la beaute


At last the lovely one I adore

Reveals with her return

That she wishes me to see again

Those eyes for which I die of love.

But now that I see again the beauty which enflames me

Go my woes, begone from my soul.


Miseries - become delights,

My heart - give up your sorrowing

Love - abandon your tortures.

My eyes - shed no more tears.

For now that I see again the beauty which enflames me

Go my woes, begone from my soul.


Si Je Languis


If I languish from an obscure martyrdom,

If I, my former desires now contain,

Do willingly set them free, so that they transport me,

Ought I to complain so as I do?


A new wounding has altered me even more,

For the greater the beauty, the greater the torment it carries.


Cesses Mortelles

Cease, mortels, your sighing.

This beauty is not mortal.

To adore her is allowed

But not to love her.

Only the Gods

Can attain so high a love.


He would be too much a fool

Who trusted in fate

That those beautiful eyes

Might discover his suffering.

Only the Gods

Can attain so high a love.

In short, those divine qualities

That heaven gave her at birth

Prevent even those Gods

From the hope of

Obtaining anything other than a glorious torment.